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Recorded April 2015 - November 2015 @ The Basement in Parker, CO

Engineered by Drake Watkins

Mixed & Produced by Drake Watkins & Stuart Watkins

Mastered by Brad Smalling @ Evergroove Studios, Evergreen, CO

All Instruments and Voices by Stuart Watkins & Drake Watkins
Track 10: Flute played beautifully by Jessica Almand
Track 02: Pub Singers: Stuart Watkins, Drake Watkins, Stephanie Romero, Michelle Curtis, Sharon O. Almand and Jada, the dog

All Lyrics & Music Stuart Watkins.
Track 11: W.B. Stuart Watkins & Drake Watkins

Front Cover Photography and Layout by Stuart Watkins


released December 15, 2015

Let The Music Speak For Itself



all rights reserved


93 Kings Denver, Colorado

An Englishman living in America for the last 23 years. Started out in Token Girl in 93', played around San Diego. Released "ties" in 95'. Not much after 96', had a son and love being a Dad. Now I'm older, the songs are not sung yet, new verses to write. My fingers remember the fretboard and my voice remembers the words so we play on

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Track Name: Vesper Road (Dedicated to Wayne G)
Vesper Road

They were cold and lost, and you took them in
I was still attached, to your apron strings
They told you that, you could see her again
Then you cried, and that changed everything

Vesper Road, not the best part of town
But I’m told that’s where God could be found
So I looked in Vesper Road my second home
Under chairs and after prayers but he was gone

I was cold and lost, But I shook those hands
And the love did not, Come from our leader’s mouths
So I looked to the flock, to keep me safe
Do I still deserve, their undying grace


Immerse yourself in the waters, of what our Elders taught us
That hem lines count, so 20 years later, I put courage to paper
And told them I was out Because…

God doesn’t care what color shirt you wear
God doesn’t care about facial hair
God doesn’t care about how many kids you bare
God only cares that you dare to love

Vesper Road, is the best part of town
And I’m told that’s where love could be found
So I looked in Vesper Road my second home
Under chairs and after prayers and he was there
Track Name: Midnight Conversations
Midnight Conversations

Midnight conversations
With warm words and cold stars
Telling the truth
To the one who matters most now

Pause to listen
Content to wait
None of this
Will be over night

The smoke shrouds anxiety
The verbal static charge

Trust the one to take this in
Trust the one to take this in

That is who you love
That is who you love
That is who you love
That is who you love

That is who you love now
That is who they are
Be happy you’ve found someone
Be content and laugh again
Live your love like life out loud

Smile, be happy.
Track Name: Baptist

Sat in a place meant for goodbyes
Rake hand through hair
I hear people cryin’
You went from I do to I don’t
In no time flat
From love to so long…
So I wait with machines
Until the Texas dawn comes

In a quiet room with a heart full of noise
So many mistakes, half tries, so many lies
Bargain with God give what he wants
And he’ll wait with me (no matter what)
Until the Texas dawn comes

And what if she wakes up
And she says to me
“I love you but it’s over” Yes it’s over
And what if she wakes up
And she don’t like what she sees in me
“But I still love you, but it’s over”

And what if she doesn’t wake up at all?

Now the Texas dawn comes
Over that horizon

And now your eyes open….
Track Name: Every Corner
Every Corner

Like a split crucifix
Our lightening tree stood bare
The shadow on the grass
Where a messiah once stood there

The wind is your only friend
When no-one wants to speak
Car horns blast their fury
At my generations inadequacy

The sun makes it’s point
Burning the desert into the land
Cattle fumes and babies cry
At least we still can dance

There’s more parking lots than cars
Than there are T.V Guides and stars
There’s a Christ on every corner
And for an encore, every Sunday morning

So much tumbleweed beauty
So much beauty to see
So much tumbleweed beauty
I guess it’s all up to me
Track Name: Hide & Seek
Hide & Seek

Just tell me you love me
Just tell me you care
Just kiss me awake
Without ghosts in our bed

Just tell me you see me
Just tell me you need me
Tell me what is inside your head

Two stories told on the same frequency
Overlap, distort “Why can’t you hear me”
Trouble to find our own space and time
Walking ‘tween rain drops is where we will hide
Where we will hide…

I never thought I’d make it
Thoughts always, always to fake it
So give me some truth, that might make me smile
Give me some truth that might last a while

Just tell me you want me
Please tell me no lies
We’ve already spent one night saying goodbye
Let’s look to the sun and the stars in the sky
Cos when its not raining

That’s where we’ll hide
That’s where we’ll hide
Track Name: Gone

You, devastate my life
Like bodies found
When tragedy strikes

I, miss you in my life
Like families
Miss loved ones
On their flights

Why do we take so long
To tell the truth
To the ones we love

We, run-aground our lives
Rudder stuck
Compass blown
Is our birth rite

Me, without you in my life
A canvas left unpainted
A wedding ring belated

Why do we take so long
To say I love you
Before they’re gone
Track Name: Sunburn

I woke to a morning, where the rose
But I couldn't feel it's warmth
And God knows that I've tried to keep calm
I've tried so hard to be calm

But theres a road that lays ahead,
With signs be careful where you tread
I know, I've been here before

I now this landscape by it's name
I see the fear and I see the blame
We all feel it deep down inside

I try and eat, I try to sleep
Calm myself so I can breathe
But there ain't much air for me now
I can't talk or try and speak
My legs can't stand cos I'm too weak
So I just sit and watch that cold white sun

I wish I would have cared
When I look back over the years
And see, just what I've become

I know which roads I had to turn
But I just didn't want to learn
So I just sit and watch that sun burn down

I know this season by it's name
It's been before it will be again
Now I'll just sit and let that sun burn down

Burn it down! Burn it down!
Burn it down! Burn it down

Now theres a road that lays ahead
With signs be careful where you tread
I know...We've been here before
Track Name: Clear (For Jeff)
Clear (For Jeff)

Jesus lives in prison
The sky it cried for you
Cement surrounds
The scenes and sounds
Of all you've ever known

Explain my brother
The pain my brother
And tell me how it goes
From season tease to 30 yrs
And a showroom of barbed wire windows

We sit and eat and dream
Is this a last super scene?
Confession in the form of stare
From a younger man who dared

And lost all to the word “consumed”
And you saw your savior
In the bunk across from you

So Jesus lives in prison
Some say he’s needed here
Outside the fence of repentance
Where the air and truth ain’t so clear
Ain’t so clear
Ain’t so clear
Ain’t so clear
Track Name: Iron John
Iron John

How many keys under your pillow do you have?
When can I get out of this cage and go back?
To lakes and streams and all I have
It isn’t much but it is home

How many stories do you need to tell?
Of broken hearts and your own private hell
You’ve made your bed now you sleep well
And dream of my lakes and trees

You're the only one
That can grant me freedom
The castles cold
The lake is warm
To you a savage
To me Iron John

I’m not the monster that you think I am
I’m just the truth that you can’t stand
Your gold and pearls are all you have
A queen alone with keys

To a freedom you could have
To a life you could take back
To a love you could possess
To a life without regret

Iron John
Iron John
Track Name: W.B.

In the choices we make
How much regret can we take?
What will the weight be?, If we’ve made a mistake?

I miss your hands, through my hair
As we drive, God knows where

You said “I got to go back”
Deep down, I always knew that
Feels like I’m losing oxygen
But I told you I’d be your anything…

In the lies that we make
How much pain is at stake?
What’s a heart worth, if it’s too weak to break

I miss your laugh, in the air
As we play, truth or dare


Midnight conversations
With warm words and cold stars
Telling the truth to the one who matters most now

Now two years on, we’re looking back
What W.B. said it’s a fact
And now you…Are my everything

So many places yet to find
Within our hearts and in our minds
I don’t care what we go through, cos you’ll be by my side

We let go of the past and face your sunrise
Track Name: Manifesto

There’s bombs going off
And kids getting shot
And all I want
Is to be in love

A naive crusade
A selfish thought
When all I hear
Is about world wars

I’m ashamed of my truth
But I want it still
To be killed by love
And all of it’s shrapnel

Daily prayers for victims said
We’re all victims of love and death
Love and death

I walk I run
I stumble I fall
I dance I love
I will regret nothing at all
Track Name: 93 Kings
93 Kings

I went home
To familiar bones
Shades of days I didn’t want
And couldn’t get rid of

Younger now
Than I was back then
I ran until home was a distant…

Memory, memory
Of all I had, of all I am

I was home
So weather worn
Same old talks around table tops and tea pots

Older now
Asleep by ten
I walk until home is near to me

Where memories (live now)
Where love is kept
Where hearts beat faster
With a nice side dish of laughter

These are my memories now
This is where I find peace now

Thank you for loving me
Thank you for letting grow
Thank you for letting me go

No matter where I am
You’re always there with me
Thank you my family